Japan Airlines “Japan Explorer Pass”

Travelling within Japan can sometimes require deep pockets, but now foreign visitors can travel domestically at an extremely reasonable rate thanks to Japan Airlines’ “Japan Explorer Pass” which offers year-round travel to 30 cities in Japan Airlines’ domestic network. There is a fixed fee of 10,800 yen (includes tax) per flight for 1-5 domestic flights (also called sectors) by Japan Airlines’ Group sold in one-way flights with a maximum of five flights. For example: Tokyo-Osaka-Fukuoka (2 flights or sectors) = 21,600 yen.

Eligibility for the Japan Explorer Pass:

  • 1. The pass can only be used by non-residents of Japan who arrive and depart by international flights (includes Japanese customers with permanent residences overseas)
  • 2. It is applicable for domestic flights operated by Japan Airlines and Japan Transocean Air.
  • 3. Reservations may not be changed after ticket purchase
  • 4. Non-refundable
  • 5. The ticket must be purchased via Japan Airlines’ websites including the new three overseas English websites for the Americas, the U.K., and Hong Kong
  • 6. The ticket is available for purchase up to 72 hours prior to the scheduled departure time of the domestic flight
  • 7. No restriction on which airline is used to fly to and from Japan

These prices are really a boon to visitors who would like to explore Japan, especially when traveling long distance, such as flying from Tokyo to Kyushu, Okinawa, or Hokkaido.

For more information, please visit here.

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