SHOPPING: 6 “Must Have” Souvenirs From Japan

From New Year’s surprises, to matcha flavored munchies, tax-free bargains and more, Japan is a shopper’s paradise! To help create your shopping list, check out our tips for “must have” souvenirs from Japan:

1. Matcha Flavored Snacks


Matcha is powdered Japanese green tea enjoyed for its bittersweet taste. While matcha is known for its use in tea ceremonies, it is also popular ingredient in snacks, including cookies, biscuits, cakes and chocolates. You may even find your favorite snack from America offering matcha flavored treats in Japan!

2. Fukubukuro


Visit Japan during the New Year to get your hands on fun grab bags filled with an assortment of store items at a deeply discounted price. You never know what you might get but that’s just the fun of it!

3. Japanese Traditional Goods

Japanese Traditional Goods

There a great deal of goods that positively scream Japan which means that you don’t always have to overthink it when looking for souvenirs. Items such a folding fans, fuurin wind chimes, and sake sets are easy to find in department stores and even 100 yen stores. You can also find great seasonal gifts such a yukata (summer kimono) in department stores such as Uniqlo.

4. Tax Free Souvenirs


Shopping for the perfect souvenir doesn’t have to be a costly venture. Shop hundreds of stores nationwide that offer purchases free of sales tax! Go ahead and splurge on a little something extra for your loved ones with all the money you’ll save.

5. Plastic Food Replicas


Surprisingly detailed plastic food replicas are prominently displayed at many Japanese restaurants, making ordering a breeze. These replicas are also available for purchase in areas such as Tokyo’s Kappabashi or Douguyasuji in Osaka. Plastic food themed gifts such as magnets and key chains are also available.

6. Japanese Ceramics


There are many styles of Japanese pottery and ceramics, available in all price ranges. From rice bowls to tea sets and sake sets, you are sure to find a unique style that will be a treasured gift.


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